About Us

We are a virtual company which specializes in providing reliable information to all our domestic and international tourists while in Indonesia, assisting them in everything they need during their stay, whether the purpose is for business or for pleasure. At this time, we already launched visit2indonesia.com/spa (for booking spa treatment) and visit2indonesia.com/tickets (for buying tourist attraction’s ticket). Soon, we will launch too visit2indonesia.com/soccer (for buying soccer league Indonesia’s ticket), visit2indonesia.com/property (for selling and buying property) and visit2indonesia.com/artshops (for selling arts).

This self- help online travel guide provides logos of the company or industry travelers are searching for during their stay in Indonesia as well as how to find their exact location. By clicking the respective logo of the hotels, restaurants, ATMs, hospital and City attractions they look for, it will then lead to a road map with accurate GPS positioning to guide our guests all the way to the shop/place of their choice within Indonesia. Links to other businesses (our partners) are provided for extra promotional advertisements in the form of slides or videos.

Our motto ONE-STOP TRAVEL GUIDE, Your Online Companion to Your Destination implies that we try our best to give travellers a satisfying and a worry-free travel experience within Indonesia by providing information on ‘what to do, where-to-go and which-to-choose’ location, with just a click of the button. We hope that this website provides our dear travelers services that will help suit their basic needs and travel essentials.

We will be more than happy to receive feedback from our dear customers to provide you with better quality of services in the future. Enjoy and safe travels with us, Visit2indonesia.com