Affandi Museum – Sleman, Yogyakarta

affandi-buildingFor all painting lovers both domestic and international, the name Affandi would directly be associated to the genius art maestro. In fact, Affandi is still one of the most influential painters until now despite of his death back in 1990. Many of his works have been valued highly by Indonesian and international art communities. There are also many painters that still love to learn his painting style. As a result, the museum which is also his former residence and art gallery has been transformed to commemorate the works of this maestro.

What to see:

Affandi Museum comprises of three main galleries and some other buildings. Each gallery and building has different function and things to be displayed. Here is the description:

  • The first gallery

The first gallery is the oldest one among the three and was personally opened and officiated for public by Affandi in 1962 and 1974 respectively. The first gallery houses a number of Affandi’s works from his earlier career until his death. You would also encounter some of his treasured belongings like his modified 1976 yellow Colt Gallan car and an ancient bicycle known as onthel in the local language.

  • The second gallery

The second gallery houses a number of works by other painters both amateur and professionals that were personally collected by Affandi. This gallery was officiated for public in 1988 and consists of two main floors.

  • The third gallery

And the last gallery which functions as a multipurpose building is comprised of three main floors. The basement is used as the painting’s storage room. The first floor is used as the location of ‘Sanggar Gajah Wong’, a place for children to improve their painting skill. Meanwhile, the second floor is used for painting’s restoration room.

  • Other buildings

In addition to the three main galleries, you could also find Affandi’s former personal residence with its uniques architectural design. There is also a tower located not far away from the third gallery that overlooks the entire view of the museum, Gajahwong River and the bustling main road.


It is located at the main road connecting Yogyakarta and Solo, at the western side of Gajah Wong River. The exact address would be Jalan Laksda Adisucipto 167.

Operational hours: Mon-Sun (09.00 am – 04.00 pm); closed on national holidays.