Merdeka Walk – Medan, Sumatra Utara

Established in 2005, Merdeka Walk (MW) is strategically located in the heart of Medan. It is within a walking distance from the Central Train Station, Tjong A Fie Mansion and ...
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Toba Lake, Danau Toba

Toba Lake (Part 1) – Sumatra Utara

Lake Toba Tourism Information One of the icons of Indonesia’s tourism is Toba Lake. As the largest lake in South East Asia and the deepest lake in the world (450 ...
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Jangga Village, Desa Jangga

Toba Lake (Part 2) – Sumatra Utara

Lake Toba Tourism Guide Previous Article What to do: -Attending Toba Lake Festival This festival is usually held annually in August-September. During the festival, you could watch a diversed cultural ...
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Tjong A'Fie Museum, Tjong A'Fie Mansion

Tjong A Fie’s Mansion/Museum – Medan, North Sumatra

It was built in 1900 and belonged to the wealthiest Chinese merchant, Tjong A Fie. He was a highly respected individual due to his wealth, generosity and nobility. History recorded ...
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Magetan Meatball

Ten Popular Local Foods at Medan (Part 1)

It has been widely known that Medan is one of the best destinations in Indonesia for its culinary experience. The real question would be which local foods that really worth ...
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Dim Sum

Ten Popular Local Foods at Medan (Part 2)

Ten Popular Locat Foods at Medan Part 1 4. Dim Sum and Sang Wo Ayong Babura (contains pork) This family restaurant provides a variety of dim sum both steamed and ...
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Sate Padang Medan

Ten Popular Local Foods at Medan (Part 3)

Ten Popular Locat Foods at Medan Part 2 7. Sate Padang Triadi (no pork) If you wonder what sate padang is, it is similar to grilled meat on stick with ...
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Street Culinary Experience (Part 1)

Medan is well-known for its street foods that are second to none. Some famous spots include: Jalan Semarang and Jalan Selat Panjang For those of you who seek for endless ...
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Sate Padang

Street Culinary Experience (Part 2)

Street Culinary Experience Part 1 Previously, we’ve discussed some of the major culinary spots in Medan. However, there are still lots of other hidden gems in Medan when it comes ...
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Ateng Kwetiau

Street Culinary Experience (Part 3)

Street Culinary Experience Part 2 In the previous two articles about Street Culinary Experience, we have discussed some of the most established street culinary districts. In this article, we are ...
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Pantai Sanur, Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach – Denpasar, Bali

Sanur Beach has been the icon of Bali since the era of ancient Balinese kingdoms. The evidence could be found in an ancient inscription dated back to 917 AD that ...
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Pulau Samosir, Samosir Island

Samosir Island (Part 1) – Samosir, Sumatra Utara

If you are planning a trip to North Sumatra, Toba Lake would definitely be on your list. If that’s the case, you would want to add another place located nearby, ...
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Desa Tomok, Tomok Village

Samosir Island (Part 2) – Samosir, Sumatra Utara

Samosir Island Part 1 What to do: Visiting tourist attractions Some notable cultural attractions at Tomok Village include Hutabolon Simanindo Museum, King Sidabutar Tomb and watching Sigale-gale performance (statues crafted ...
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Prambanan Temple, Candi Prambanan

Prambanan Temple – Prambanan, Yogyakarta

Prambanan Temple is both the biggest Hindu temple in South East Asia and the grandest Hindu temple in Indonesia. Since 1991, it has been claimed by UNESCO as one the ...
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Bika Ambon

Popular Culinary Gifts from Medan

Popular Culinary Gifts As one of the iconic culinary destinations in Indonesia, it is no wonder that the popular gifts from Medan would be some of its trademark foods. This ...
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