Pantai Karma Kandara, Karma Kandara Beach

Karma Kandara Beach – Badung, Bali

Have you ever wished to be in one of those dream beaches that we often see in our computer desktop? Yup, I’m talking about those beaches with white sand, clear ...
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Wisata Kaliurang

Kaliurang (Part 1)

Tourism Spot Kaliurang For most people who live in Yogyakarta, one famous place where they could retreat themselves from the bustling city activities would be Kaliurang. This place is located ...
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Wisata Kaliurang

Kaliurang (Part 2)

Kaliurang Tourist Spot Kaliurang Part 1 In the second part of article about Kaliurang, the focus will be on how to get there as well as some well-known educational destinations ...
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Kaliurang Tourism Spot

Kaliurang (Part 3)

Kaliurang Tourism Kaliurang Part 2 In the third part of article about Kaliurang, the focus will be on some destinations that have been acknowledged for their renowned nature beauty. Places ...
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Jomblang Cave, Goa Jomblang

Jomblang Cave (Part 1)

Jomblang Cave is a vertical cave located at the karst mountaineous area of the famous Kidul Mount. There are hundreds of other similar caves in the area but Jomblang Cave ...
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Gua Jomblang, Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave (Part 2)

Jomblang Cave Part 1 The second article of Jomblang Cave will explore about the activities that would be available while you are underground. What to do: Exploring the underground forest ...
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Jimbaran Beach, Pantai Jimbaran

Jimbaran Bay – Badung, Bali

There are three main beaches located along Jimbaran Bay: Jimbaran Beach, Kedonganan Beach, and Kelan Beach. Each of this beach possesses not only beautiful white sand and breathtaking scenery but ...
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Desa Nglinggo, Nglinggo Village

Desa Wisata Nglinggo (Part 1) – Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta

If you have travelled around the bustling city of Yogyakarta, you would perhaps start to look for a getaway destination that is more relaxing. If that’s the case, it would ...
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Terasering Teh

Desa Wisata Nglinggo (Part 2) – Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta

The second part of the article about Nglinggo would elaborate more on the details of some to-do-list that you could do there. What to do: Tea walk experience The most ...
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Bukit Lawang National Park

Bukit Lawang National Park – Langkat, Sumatra Utara

What to do: Some of the recommended to-do-list when you visit Bukit Lawang National Park include: Observing orang utan in its natural habitat Bukit Lawang National Park has been the ...
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Blue Point Beach, Pantai Blue Point

Blue Point (Suluban) Beach – Badung, Bali

Aside of being popular of having two names, this beach is always going to be in all surfers’ list. Surfers from all over the world with all level of surfing ...
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Pantai Bingin, Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach – Badung, Bali

One thing that you MUST do while visiting Bali is definitely going to the beach. But if you’re not into visiting overcrowded beaches like Kuta or Sanur Beach, then Bingin ...
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Penatapan Berastagi

Berastagi (Part 2)

Berastagi Tourism Spot Previous article has elaborated on basic facts about Berastagi. This article will be discussing about travelling activities that you would discover on your way to Berastagi (from ...
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Berastagi (Part 1)

After travelling around the bustling city of Medan while enjoying the street culinaries, you might opt to visit another place that is more slow paced and chillier than Medan. If ...
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Pasar Berastagi, Traditional Mart Berastagi

Berastagi (Part 3)

Tourism Spot Berastagi Berastagi Part 2 As last article talked about some places to visit on the main road heading to Berastagi (from Medan), this article will describe about the ...
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