Baron Beach (Part 2) – Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta

Baron Beach Part 1

Baron Beach

As you would perhaps already know about what the famous Baron Beach would have to offer, this article would give some ideas about the what-to-do-list at this magnificent beach.

What to do:

  • Swimming

One of the most classic activities when you are at the beach would obviously be swimming. However, swimming at Baron Beach would offer you a new experience unlike the others. It’s because only at here, you could experince swimming in both sea water and freshwater. It is truly one of a kind experience. Not to mention the clear water and the beautiful green hills surrounding the beach would make you forget about the time once you plunge yourself into the enticing sparkling water. As for safety, you need to pay attention to the borderline made by the local authority since some areas have fiercer waves. Therefore, they are totally off limit for swimmers.

  • Enjoying affordable fresh seafoods

As mentioned previously, Baron Beach is known to be blessed with rich sea resources that makes it into a paradise for seafood lovers. Many local fishermen often make their living by catching fishes and other popular sea animals here. You could even encounter those fishermen auctioning off their freshly caught fishes with affordable prices to the visitors. However, if you prefer to enjoy the fresh seafood directly on the spot, there are a number of eateris lining up at the beach area offering a diversed selection of seafoods. One the most famous cuisine would be the snapper soup so make sure you try it.

  • Surfing

Besides being known as the paradise for seafood lovers, Baron Beach is a paradise for surfers as well. It has been widely known between the locals and most professional surfers that Baron Beach has the most challenging waves compared to the other beaches in the area. It is however not recommended for beginner surfers as the waves could become fiercer at any time.

  • Syuro Thanksgiving Ceremony

Once a year, the local people who live in the vicinity areas and who are mostly fishermen would hold a thanksgiving ceremony. This annual event would be celebrated in the Syuro month (one of the months in Javanese calendar). The ceremony is a way for the locals to express their gratitude for the abundant sea resources that they caught during that particular year.