Berastagi (Part 1)

After travelling around the bustling city of Medan while enjoying the street culinaries, you might opt to visit another place that is more slow paced and chillier than Medan. If that’s the case, it is time to visit Berastagi.

BerastagiSituated ± 70 km from Medan, Berastagi is a thriving city that depends mostly on its agricultural activities. Set in between two active volcanoes, Sibayak and Sinabung Mountains, the city has a cool yet fresh climate. The two mountains also make Berastagi and its neighboring areas not only lush enough for agriculture but also surrounded by natural beauty that would leave a lasting impression in your memory.

The good thing about visiting Berastagi is how most of the places to visit are located either in the heart of the city areas or only a few kilometres away from it. This would allow your trip to be more efficient as less time would be spent on the road.

How to get there:

(1)By private car/ travel car:

  • From Medan, it would take around 1.5 – 2 hours depending on the traffic and weather condition
  • From Rantau Parapat (Toba Lake and Samosir Island), it would take around 4-5 hours depending on the traffic and weather condition.


Private car means you rent the whole car for yourself and thus you could travel to various attractions with it once you are at your destination.

Travel means you only pay for the car to take you to the destination by sharing the fee with other passengers (usually 10 people per travel car). Once you arrive, you need to arrange your own transportation to visit various attractions there.

(2)By public busses:

  • From Medan: Head to Padang Bulan/ Pinang Baris bus terminal (around 30 minutes from the city center by taxi or becak). The well-known busses include Sinabung or Sumatra Transport. It would take around 2-3 hours to get there.
  • From Rantau Parapat: At the pier of Ajibata ferry terminal (the ferry that would take you to Samosir Island), you could book for mini busses that would leave for Berastagi every one hour (07.00 am – 07.00 pm). It would take around 5-6 hours to get there.

Best time to visit:

  • Best to avoid: (1) rainy season (September – January) as it would be quite foggy there; (2) major national and international holidays as the traffic would be terrible.