Berastagi (Part 2)

Berastagi Tourism Spot

Previous article has elaborated on basic facts about Berastagi. This article will be discussing about travelling activities that you would discover on your way to Berastagi (from Medan).

Penatapan, Berastagi Tourism Spot

Stopping by at ‘panatapan’

Panatapan is the local Batak Karo language that means a place for sightseeing. As suggested by the term, it is basically a range of warung (small shops) that offer some light meals and beverages. Scattered at the side of the main roads heading to Berastagi, it is an ideal resting place with astounding mountaineous beauty for all the visitors before continuing on their journey. Some of the popular foods would be grilled/steamed corn and fried/ boiled Indomie (popular brand of instant noodle) with eggs accompanied by sweet ginger tea. And while sipping on your tea or munching on your corn, you could also watch some of the monkeys swinging or sitting on the trees nearby. These should recharge your energy just fine before embarking on your adventure at Berastagi.

Relaxing at hot springs

Another travelling adventure waiting for you on your way to Berastagi is to submerge yourself into one of the hot springs at Lau Debuk Debuk area. Situated at ± 10 km away from Berastagi, you could easily find the gate at the right side of the main road. Though the hot spring pools are manmade, the phosphorus warm water inside them is not. It is channeled from the water flowing in the southern lava crack of Mount Sibayak’s slope located in the vicinity areas. As a result, you would still enjoy the benefit of the natural sulphur for your skin. For additional note, these hot springs are on the same path that heads to the base of Mount Sibayak hiking route.

Enjoying rides at the theme park

At ± 10 km before entering Berastagi (in proximity area to Lau Debuk Debuk), you would encounter Mikie Holiday Resort on the right side of the main road. Aside of providing accommodation for guests, it is also famous for its theme park known as Mikie Funland. There, you could try out more than 30 types of rides with one day single entry ticket or purchasing individual ticket for rides that you want to get on.

Chilling at Bukit Kubu

As you get closer to Berastagi (± 2 km before the city gate), you would see a vast greenery pasture on your right hand side known as Bukit Kubu. It is a popular spot for picnicking or playing kites. There is also a historical house at the center of the hill dated back to the colonial era.