Bingin Beach – Badung, Bali

One thing that you MUST do while visiting Bali is definitely going to the beach. But if you’re not into visiting overcrowded beaches like Kuta or Sanur Beach, then Bingin Beach might just be the right option for you.

Located in the southern area of the island, this beach is strategically located in between the famous beaches like Dreamland and Padang Padang Beach. In fact, this particular beach is not only could be seen but also could be reached from Dreamland by boat or swimming. Both Dreamland and Bingin beach are separated by a significantly high cliff. Thus, made it impossible for us to walk in between the two beaches during high tide seasons.

Bingin BeachLike most of the other beaches located in the southern areas of Bali, Bingin Beach is surrounded by hard texture white sand with lots of coral reefs on its side. Nevertheless, it is this special feature that makes this beach as one of the new emerging favorites among tourists and Bali residents. It is because, the coral reefs will transform into small pools with mild current that is just perfect for both swimming and relaxing.

What to do:

Bingin Beach provides all kinds of pleasures and activities for all visitors. If you are a surfer, this beach might provide enough challenges for you with its roaring yet beautiful waves. If you happen to be there for more relaxing activities, you could always opt to sit towards the western side of Bingin Beach. There, you could just wait for the breathtaking view of sunset, read a book, stroll around, do some sunbathing or stroll around the area.

The facilities there include local small shops (warung) that provides both foods and beverages with adequate selection. If you plan to spend the night near this beach, there are a range of private villas and homestays in the vicinity area.

Best time to visit:

  • Sunbathing or relaxing: Morning – noon
  • Surfing: Noon (The waves during this time is usually perfect for surfing.)
  • Swimming: Afternoon during low tide season


If you are coming either from Ubud, Denpasar or Kuta, go to Nusa Dua direction through Jalan I Gusti Ngurah Rai. Afterwards, head to Jalan Raya Uluwatu Jimbaran and Jalan Raya Uluwatu Pecatu. Follow both main streets all the way. Then, head to Jalan Labuhan Sait and Jalan Pantai Bingin.

Estimated time required (with no traffic):

  • from Ubud 1 H 30 min; from Denpasar 45 min; from Kuta 45 min
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