Bukit Lawang National Park – Langkat, Sumatra Utara

WhatBukit Lawang National Park to do:

Some of the recommended to-do-list when you visit Bukit Lawang National Park include:

  • Observing orang utan in its natural habitat

Bukit Lawang National Park has been the privilege to be one of the places where we can observe one of the most famous endangered species in the world, orang utan. Here, we could witness the way they live in the wild and interact with them by feeding them food.

  • Water sports (river tubing, rafting, kayaking)

For those of you who are more of an adrenaline junkie, Bukit Lawang offers various water sports activities. Here, you could find places that rent the equipment without any difficulties.

  • Jungle trekking

Jungle trekking allows you to walk through along the path around the forest and river where you could encounter various exotic plants. One of the most famous one is Rafflesia Arnoldi, a giant yet smelly and magnificent flower. It blooms only once a year so it is best to check with the park office to ask about the right time to visit. In addition, you could also visit the Bat Cave which is the house of thousands of bats.

  • Fishing

Another popular thing to do in Bukit Lawang is fishing. Here, you could opt to do fishing in one of the local ponds. The fee is based on the type of fish you caught. Afterwards, you could also ask the guide to help you clean and grill the freshly caught fishes to enjoy a nice BBQ time.

Best time to visit:

It opens all year round. However, it is best to avoid visiting this place during rainy season as it might be dangerous to do some of the activities like water sports and jungle trekking.

How to get there:

This national park is located ± 120 km from Medan. Thus, you need to spend another 2.5 – 4 hours from Medan to get there. The fastest method of transportation is by renting private car that could pick you up directly from the airport to the park office. This method is quite costly. For more affordable option, from Kuala Namu International Airport, take the airport railway that would take you to Medan Central Train Station (Stasiun Pusat Medan). From there, take a taxi to Pinang Baris bus terminal. There, you will find lots of mini private busses or big government busses. Then, you will need to get off at the local bus terminal Gotong Royong. As it is a lot cheaper, it would be more crowded, longer journey, and less safe.