Desa Wisata Nglinggo (Part 1) – Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta

Desa NglinggoIf you have travelled around the bustling city of Yogyakarta, you would perhaps start to look for a getaway destination that is more relaxing. If that’s the case, it would be the time to visit Desa Wisata Nglinggo (Nglinggo Tourism Village). This place is the alternative of another popular highland destination in the province of Yogyakarta, Kaliurang. Located at ± 800 – 900 m dpl, this village offers you not only the refreshing air but also the spectacular view of mother nature.

Similarly, Nglinggo Tourism Village is also well-known for its cultural tourism. In fact, this village is a community for many artists that are skilled in their own respective skills whether it’s the traditional dance or painting. This particular village is also known for its abundant natural resources. As a result, you could also learn how to process those resources into some of the village’s main commodities. Henceforth, it is no wonder that this place has won third place as one of the villages that possesses great tourism potential.

Local culinary:

  • Geblek

This delicacy is the representative food from Kulonprogo Regency, the location of Nglinggo Village. It is made of wet tapioca flour along with some basic spices like salt and garlic which is then fried. It is white and its shape is similar to number 8. Its taste is crunchy on the outside yet chewy on the inside. It is best consumed warm along with tempe benguk (fermented soy bean cake) and a cup of warm tea.

How to get there:

By private car:

  • From the famous Tugu (Monument) Jogja head to the west towards Jalan Kyai Mojo. Once you encounter the intersection of Demak Ijo Ringroad Barat, go straight in order to reach Jalan Godean. From there, look for Pasar Godean and go straight to the west towards Sungai Progo. Once you see Kenteng traffic light, turn right. Follow the street until you see a monument on the middle of the street in the area known as Ndekso and turn left towards Jalan Samigaluh. Keep on going straight for ± 15-20 km until you pass through Kantor Kecamatan Samigaluh, the police station and Pasar Samigaluh where you will see a T-intersection with a signage of Desa Wisata Nglinggo. At this intersection, turn right to reach the village.

By public transportation:

  • Unfortunately, there is no public transportation available to get to this place at the moment. However, there is a pick up service from Yogyakarta arranged by the locals.
Desa Wisata Nglinggo (Part 2) – Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta