Jomblang Cave (Part 1)

Jomblang CaveJomblang Cave is a vertical cave located at the karst mountaineous area of the famous Kidul Mount. There are hundreds of other similar caves in the area but Jomblang Cave stands out among them due to its breathtaking underground beauty. Many cavers have still been stunned by its artistic view no matter how many times they climb down there.

In order to climb down the cave, all visitors are required to master some basic skills of SRT (Single Rope Technique). It is strongly advised for all visitors to be accompanied by local professional cavers when climbing down and exploring the cave. Not only they have known the area really well but also they could guide the visitors to avoid some dangerous areas or even let you know whether it is safe or not to do a certain activity while being underground.

There are four entrance points to Jomblang Cave. Each point provides different challenge measured by how far a caver must climb down to reach the underground cave. For those who are beginner cavers, the local guide will always recommend the VIP entrance point which is the least challenging. This VIP entrance would only require you to climb down as far as 20 m to reach the underground compared to the others that would require you to climb down as far as 80m, 60m, and 40 m respectively.


Jomblang Cave is located at Jetis Wetan, Semanu, Gunungkidul which is ± 10 km away from Wonosari (the capital of Gunungkidul Regency).

Best time to visit:

Around 10.00 am – 01.00 pm when the sun is at its peak position as the sunlight would illuminate the underground area really well.


  • The maximum number of people allowed to climb down the cave at the same time is 25 people. This limitation is made to protect the stablity of the underground’s ecosystem. Thus, it is best to register your trip here to the local caving organization or tour office to make sure you get the spot.
  • You could store some of your belongings temporarily at the head village house known as Kepala Dukuh Jetis Wetan while you climb down the cave. There would only ask for a voluntary donation in return.

How to get there:

From Adi Sucipto Airport, take Trans Jogja bus with 3B route that goes to Giwangan bus terminal. At the terminal, find the bus heading to Wonosari (Simpang Lima Wonosari), Kecamatan Semanu.

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