Kaliurang (Part 3)

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In the third part of article about Kaliurang, the focus will be on some destinations that have been acknowledged for their renowned nature beauty.

Places to visit:

  • Tlogo Putri

Tlogo Putri is basically a big complex of natural park that combined the concept of both water and nature tourism. Inside, you would discover a small dam that has been transformed into a pond area for some relaxing water activities like canoeing and riding duck boat. The pond is surrounded by a park facilitated with children playground and a ferris wheel that could provide you with a complete view of the whole park from the top. What makes it different to the other public parks is how it is enclosed by the majestic view of Merapi Mount. This place is also a great place to chill down as it is both cool and refreshing.

If you are looking for a more adventurous activity, you could head to Bukit Plawangan Turgo which is adjacent to Tlogo Putri and located at the same complex for trekking. Here, you would discover a breathtaking scenery of tropical forest that is neatly positioned on top of the Plawangan Hill. It is also from this place that you could see the area that has ever been damaged by the hot clouds from Merapi Volcano back in 1994.

  • Kalikuning

Another natural wonder worth visiting at Kaliurang is Kalikuning that located at the area of Merapi Mount slope. At this place, you would encounter a pine forest at an area known as Kaliadem that would provide you with endless supply of fresh cooling wind breeze. As you proceed to explore the area, you would  finally arrive at Kalikuning which is a river that is originated from Umbul Wadon spring. Umbul Wadon spring itself is believed as the location where the Merapi’s lava stopped due to the huge explosion hundreds years ago.

  • Blue Lagoon spring

If you are looking for a place where you could drown yourself into a refreshing spring water after a tiring adventure at Kaliurang, you should head to Blue Lagoon. This place’s original name is Pemandian Setia Budi but due to its clear blue water, many people has known this place as Blue Lagoon. This natural spring is shaped like a big bowl known as ceruk in Javanese language. This place is surrounded with lush trees that makes the bathing experience becomes even more refreshing.