Kaliurang (Part 2)

Kaliurang Tourist Spot

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Kaliurang, Kaliurang Tourist SpotIn the second part of article about Kaliurang, the focus will be on how to get there as well as some well-known educational destinations.

How to get there:

  • From Adi Sucipto Airport, take Trans Jogja bus and get off at Jalan Kaliurang bus stop. From there, take another public bus heading to Kaliurang.
  • From Tugu Train Station: Take kobutri (local public car) no 17 heading to UGM and get off at Bunderan UGM. Then walk to Mirota intersection (± 50 m) and take another public bus heading to Kaliurang.
  • From Giwangan Bus Terminal: Take Trans Jogja bus or any public bus heading to Mirota intersection or Bunderan UGM. Then, take a public bus heading to Kaliurang.

Places to visit:

  • Mount Merapi Museum

Besides being an educational destination, this museum is also a national research center for natural disaster mitigation effort. At this museum, you could learn information about ways to mitigate natural disasters as well as the famous Merapi Volcano. You could find displays, pictures and a theater room explaining about the process of volcano’s eruption.

Location: Jalan Boyong, Dusun Banteng, Hargobinangun Village, Sleman Regency

Operational hours: Tues-Sun (09.00 am – 03.30 pm); closes on Mondays

  • Ullen Sentalu Museum

When it comes to museum, most people would think about one building that consists of several display rooms with additional facility like cafes and souvenir stores. Well, this description doesn’t really fit with Ullen Sentalu Museum. Although it still consists of regular elements of a museum, its distinctive features has made it voted as one of the best museums in Indonesia by Trip Advisor. This distinction lies on its architectural design that consists of several buildings and parks. In addition, the information provided is also more personal rather than formal. Thus, the visitors can somehow feel connected to the historical figures displayed in the museum. All visitors would be accompanied by a guide that would take you from one building to the others while explaining about the important figures behind the famous Mataram Kingdom.

Location: Jalan Boyong, km. 25, Taman Wisata Kaliurang

Operational hours:

Tues-Fri: 08.30am – 04.00 pm; Sat-Sun: 08.30am – 05.00 pm; closed on Mondays

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