Karma Kandara Beach – Badung, Bali

Have you ever wished to be in one of those dream beaches that we often see in our computer desktop? Yup, I’m talking about those beaches with white sand, clear blue water, sunny sky and obviously not cramped with people. Well, if you want to make that dream comes true, you have to visit Karma Kandara Beach.

It is located in Desa (Village) Ungasan, Kuta Selatan (South) and could be reached within 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Although it is situated at the southern part of Bali and directly adjacent to Indian Ocean with its infamous fierce waves, Karma Kandara Beach is totally safe for swimming, sunbathing, or any other relaxing activities that we normally do on a beach. This is made possible due to the cluster of the reefs in the midst of the ocean. Therefore, all of the fierce waves will be transformed into calm beautiful waves that heads to the beach area after smashing into the reefs.

What to do:

Once we arrive at the cliff area, there are two main ways to access the beach area. The first one is the easy yet costly way. It is done by entering the beach through Nammos Beach Club by paying Rp 250,000,- (in 2014, price might be subjected to change) for the food and beverages voucher. In addition to that, the club will provide you with a small private elevator that will take you down to the Karma Kandara Beach area. Once you are on the beach area, you could relax in one of the comfortable cushions or couches provided in the beach hut while reading a book or enjoying beverages.

Karma Kandara BeachAnother one is the hard yet adventorous way. If you opt for this, you will need to brace yourself to go up and down a 350 flight of stairs. However, your hard effort will be paid off. Not only because it is free but also you could take your time to simmer in the magnificent view while climbing down or up the stairs. The stairs could be accessed by walking through a small alley in between a temple’s fence and Nammos Beach Club wall.

Best time to visit:

Swimming and sunbathing: Morning – afternoon (around 4 pm)


If you are coming either from Ubud, Denpasar or Kuta, go to Nusa Dua direction through Jalan I Gusti Ngurah Rai. Afterwards, head to Jalan Raya Uluwatu Jimbaran and follow the main street all the way. On the first intersection, go straight to Jalan Langui Kangin. When you encounter a fork on the street, turn left to Jalan Karma Kandara.

Estimated time required (with no traffic):

  • from Ubud 1 H 30 min; from Denpasar 45 min; from Kuta 45 min