Kotagede (Part 1)

One important reason why Yogyakarta has been famous as a tourist destination is its rich Javanese cultural heritage that has successfully been maintained for generations. Until now, the residents of Yogyakarta are known to be proud of their keraton (monarchy) and the traditional Javanese values. Because of this, you would discover how lots of Javanese values are interwined in many aspects of the locals’ lives like their foods, handcrafts, language, etc. However, there is a place that would allow you to ‘travel back through time’ to witness the old Javanese city (kota tua). This historic place is Kotagede.

Kotagede can be categorized as one of the most established cultural reservations in Indonesia that has managed to attract numerous domestic and international tourists Kota gede, Kotagedeannually. Once you step into Kotagede, you would undeniably feel its strong historical feeling. Not only the layout of the city has been preserved pretty much the way it is since the ancient time but also you would find hundreds of old buildings that dated back as early as the 1700s – 1930s. This is all possible since Kotagede used to be the capital of the ancient Javanese Moslem kingdom known as Mataram. As a result, you could notice a lot of both Javanese and Moslem influence in the architectural style of these historic buildings. As you pass by each of this structure through the narrow alleys that have been there since Mataram era, you would discover a lot of traditional elements and even stories of the old Kotagede. And what makes it even more unique is how most of these buildings are still occupied by the locals that still keep their original features. There is even a popular old building that mix both Javanese and European architectural sytle known as Rumah Kalang.


Kotagede is still part of Yogyakarta but it is located ± 5 km from the city center.

GPS Coordinate: -7.828262,110.39986

How to get there:

By private car:

  • From Adi Sucipto Airport, head to Janti T-intersection which will take you to the Ring Road. Once there,  turn right once you encounter an intersection to head out from the Ring Road. Follow along the street until you discover JEC (Jogja Electronic Center) where you would see another intersection. At this intersection, go straight towards Kotagede.

By Trans Jogja bus:

  • From Adi Sucipto Airport, take Trans Jogja with 3A route and get off at either Tegalgendu or HS-Silver bus stop. The journey would take ± 30 minutes.
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