Maimun Palace – Medan, Sumatra Utara

Maimun Palace is one of the famous icons of Medan. It is the heritage from Deli Kingdom and was built during the reign of King Maimun Al Rasyid Perkasa Alamsyah that was the 9th king of the kingdom. It was built in 1888. It occupies an area of 2,772 m2 and has 30 rooms in total. It’s dominated with yellow, a colour that represents Malay culture.

Maimun Palace

What to do:

  • Enjoying the palace’s amazing architectural design. Its architectural design is really unique. It is a compilation of several cultural influences likes Moghul, Middle East, Spain, India, Netherlands, and Malay. The Netherlands’ influence could be seen in the design of the high as well as wide doors and windows. Some of the palaces’ doors also encompass sculptures that are quite similar to the ones from Spain. Meanwhile, the arcades found at the roof are heavily influenced by Moslem influence that was popular in Middle East, India and Turkey during that era.
  • Finding out the history of Kings of Deli. As you visit the palace, you could see the pictures of the king’s family, antique furniture from colonial era and various weapons. One of the famous weapons showcased there is Meriam Buntung (Amputated Cannon). There is a folklore that explains why it is in amputated condition.
  • Traditional Malay music performances. They are usually held twice a year as part of the gathering celebration among the king’s big family. In addition, they are also held every Friday night as part of family cultural occasion known as rawatib.

Location, operational hours, admission fee:

Location: Jl. Brigjen Katamso, Sukaraja Regency (kelurahan), Medan Maimun Subdistrict, (kecamatan), Medan, North Sumatra Province (Sumatera Utara)

Operational hours: Monday-Sunday, 8.00 am – 5.00 pm (Closed for special ceremonies)

Admission fee: Rp 10.000,- (donation for the palace maintenance fund)

Direction (by cars/motorbikes):

From Kuala Namu International Airport, take the airport railway that would take you to Medan Central Train Station (Stasiun Pusat Medan) located at Jl. Stasiun Kereta Api. From the train station, head southeast toward Jl.Perniagaan Baru for ± 500 m. Afterwards, turn left onto Jl.M.T. Haryono for ± 47 m. Then, turn right onto Jl. Palangkaraya for ± 450 m. Lastly head to Jl. Brigjen Katamso and drive for ± 750 m towards Maimun Palace that would be on your left. (courtesy by Google Maps).

Estimated time required (with no traffic):

  • Train travel (45 minutes) + cars/ motorbikes travel (10 minutes) = 55 min/ ± 1