Malioboro (Part 1)

Malioboro is actually one of the main avenues in the city of Yogyakarta and stretches out as long as 2.5 km. It is also considered as the imaginary line that connects the three of Yogyakarta’s most sacred and respected places, Parangtritis Beach, Keraton (Palace) Yogyakarta, and Merapi Mountain.

Malioboro would always be crowded by visitors day and night. During daytime, Malioboro is the most popular shopping destination at Yogyakarta. At both sides of theMalioboro Street avenue, you would see rows of both stores and hawkers selling a diversed collection of souvenirs (traditional and modern). There are also a number of tourist attractions located along Malioboro. You would also dicover a line of neatly parked becak (helicabs) and delman (traditional horse carriage) along the pedestrian paths offering a range of city tour packages. As a result, the traffic here would commonly be quite bad as it would be packed by visitors who would be busy doing some souvenirs hunting, visiting the tourist attractions along the street, or even touring around the street with becak or delman. Meanwhile, during nightime, Malioboro would transform into the center of street culinary destination at Yogyakarta.

What to do:

  • Shopping

At Malioboro, you could find many affordable traditional souvenirs like batik (clothes with traditional pattern drawn by hand or printed by machine), blangkon (Javanese traditional hat), keris (Javanese traditional sword), wayang (Javanese traditional puppet) etc. Aside of cultural souvenirs, you could also hunt for popular culinary gifts like bakpia patok and yangko. The most famous store at Malioboro would be Mirota Batik as it offers the most complete collection for both cultural and culinary gifts with affordable prices.

  • Street culinary

At night, both of the pedestrian paths would be packed with rows of traditional food hawkers. Here, you could find most of the famous Javanese and Indonesian traditional foods like gudeg, es dawet, ayam penyet, and even durian. What makes the culinary experience at Malioboro unique would be how the street eateries are set right at the side of the street with lesehan style. It means you would enjoy your food while sitting on top of mat with a low table (like what is commonly found in Japanese restaurant).


It is located at Jalan Malioboro and located at the city center area of Yogyakarta.

GPS Coordinate: -7.7935099,110.3656956