Merapi Mount – Sleman, Yogyakarta

Merapi MountLocated at ± 35 km north of Yogyakarta, Merapi Mount has been one of the most famous and most active volcanoes in Indonesia. In fact, its most recent eruption happened only a few years ago, in 2010 to be exact. This last eruption has transformed the nearby villages located at ± 4 – 6 km from the top of this mountain into an area filled with volcanic ashes and houses’ remnants.

Despite of its frequent eruption, Merapi Mount is one of the most scenic and picturesque places that you could ever be in your life. In fact, local villagers have taken advantage of the recent eruption to promote Merapi Mount even more. Most of them offer a tour package that includes the visitors to trek along the abandoned villages. For the last few years, this area has been allowed for public as the volcano is deemed as temporarily save by the national meteorological department. However, it is strongly advised to always check the last status of the volcano prior travelling in the vicinity areas.

What to do:

  • Witnessing the beauty of Merapi Mount from top

Eventhough the journey to the top of a mountain would always require big effort and struggle, this would always be paid off once people reach at the top and overlook the breathtaking surroundings. This case would also be true when it comes to hike Merapi Mount. In fact, the reward would even be more rewarding as you could also witness the beauty of Merapi Mount’s lava inside the crater.

There are two main routes commonly used to hike to the top of Merapi Mount. The first route would be from Kinahrejo Village that is situated at ± 2 km east of Kaliurang. The climbing field from this route would be very steep with the distance to the top is 9 km. The journey to the top would take ± 10 hours. Another route would be through an area known as Selo Kabupaten Boyolali located in between of Merapi and Merbabu Mount. To reach this area, you need to take the bus heading to Kartosuro from Yogyakarta. From there, continue your journey to Boyolali that would lead you to Selo. The journey to the top would take ± 5 hours.

  • Merapi Lava Tour

If you are not a fan of mountain climbing, you could perhaps try the option of touring around the Merapi Mount slope areas. The tour will usually be using a jeep car that would take up to 4 people. The length of the tour could also be chosen (long or short) depending on the course that you choose.

Best time to visit: Morning time before the Merapi Mount is covered in fog.