Merdeka Walk – Medan, Sumatra Utara

Established in 2005, Merdeka Walk (MW) is strategically located in the heart of Medan. It is within a walking distance from the Central Train Station, Tjong A Fie Mansion and the iconic Tip Top Restaurant. It follows an outdoor food court setting adjacent to Lapangan Merdeka.

Merdeka WalkWhat to do:

  • Culinary travel

As Medan is well-known for its culinary, Merdeka Walk is definitely one of the best spots where you could enjoy varieties of both local and international foods. It offers plenty of dishes and beverages both light and heavy in various ranges of price. Some of the popular restaurants here include McD and Pizza Hut (fast food), Nelayan (dim sum and Chinese foods), Oh La La Cafe (western and Italian foods), Coffee Bean Cafe, as well as other vendors that sell famous local dishes like Tiongsim (Chinese noodles with pork) or Soto Medan (chicken or beef with coconut soup and rice).

  • Viewing the historical buildings

Aside of satisfying your taste buds, Merdeka Walk will also satisfy your eyes. Not only it is strategically located, it is also surrounded by some of the historical landmarks in Medan. Some of the buildings have been there since the colonial time (a period when Indonesia was occupied by the Netherlands). They include the City Hall building across Merdeka Walk main gate that now serves as one the high end hotels in Medan and the Post Office building.

  • Free wifi and perfect selfie spot

Merdeka Walk is also a perfect spot to both chill down and work at the same time. This place offers wifi connection that could be accessed in case you need to finish up your deadlines or just browsing for fun. At night, it turns into a breathtaking view, courtesy of the light decorations illuminating from the old trees surrounding the area. It is no wonder why people love to take selfies here.

Location and operational hours:

Location: Lapangan Merdeka, Jalan Balai Kota

Operational hours: Sunday – Friday, 11.00 am-24.00 am; Saturday, 11.00 pm-2.00 am (Except for McD that opens 24 hours)

Direction (by cars/motorbikes):

From Kuala Namu International Airport, take the airport railway that would take you to Medan Central Train Station (Stasiun Pusat Medan). From the main gate of the station, cross the street towards the big field, Lapangan Merdeka. Once there, walk ± 50 m to the east.

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