Pematang Siantar (Part 3)

Pematang Siantar Popular Place Pematang Siantar Part 2

In this final part of Siantar article, we will focus elaborating on two rising tourism spots that is worth visiting while you are in town.

1. Sidamanik Tea Plantation and Bah Biak Waterfall Sidamanik Tea Plantation is actually a plantation managed by PTPN (government company dealing with plantations) and is the second largest black tea producer in Indonesia. Aside of producing good tea, the plantation itself is a very nice place for us to stroll. Occupying an area of ± 8373 ha and located at 900 mdpl above sea level, this plantation offers not only a breathtaking green scenery but also a nice cold weather. Lies within the tea plantation is another hidden gem waiting to be explored, Bah Biak Waterfall. This waterfall could only be accessed by foot or motorbike from the entry point which is a small warung with a simple Bah Biak signage in front of it. From there, you would head down to the waterfall area by climbing down a series of stairs. Once finished climbing down, you would see a majestic view of ± 7 m waterfall that is kind of divided into four main branches. What makes it special from the other waterfalls is how it is surrounded not only by forest but also a tea plantation. Unfortunately, the directory signage to this waterfall is not well prepared by the local authority yet. Therefore, it is advised for you to ask the locals once you are in the plantation area to avoid spending too much time wandering aimlessly in the middle of the plantation. Both of them are located at ± 15 km from Siantar.

2. Aek Manik (Bah Damanik) Natural Spring Pematang Siantar, Pematang Siantar Popular PlaceThis spring was used to be a bathing place for King Damanik and his royal family members which has now been managed by the king’s descendants as a tourist destination. It is also located ± 15 km from Siantar (on the same route to Parapat) and could only be reached by motorbike. Though the journey going there might be quite challenging, all of the efforts would be paid off once you reach the spring. ‘And why?’, you may ask. Imagine the ideal images of blue lagoons that you often find in most tourism brochures or websites, Aek Manik Spring would fit almost all of the criteria. It has a clear blue water that resembles a mirror and thus make it possible for us to see through to its bottom without even diving. It is also surrounded by natural forest and greeneries. This will make sure that your bathing experience will be accompanied by soft refreshing breeze of wind and the calming sound of wind brushing through the nearby foliage. Moreover, since this place is not yet known to most people, your bathing experience here would be as if you are taking a bath in your very own private pool. In bottom words, you should definitely spend some time at Aek Manik.