Pematang Siantar (Part 2)

Pematang Siantar Tourism

Pematang Siantar Part 1 In this article, we are going to focus on discussing about some prominent culinary destinations at Siantar. And here is the list:

1.Mie pangsit Awai (Awai dumpling noodle); contains pork If you ask Medan people about the most recommended local dish from Siantar, most of them would definitely answer dumpling noodle. There are several reasons as to why Siantar’s noodle is considered as one of the best. First, Siantar’s noodle has a curlier, chewier, and thinner texture compared to the others since it is handmade. Second, the broth soup is a lot tastier since most of them is cooked with traditional methods. And lastly, both char siew (barbecued pork) and the dumpling is processed with traditional secret family recipes that make their taste unforgettable. Although Siantar’s dumpling noodle has been known for its taste, there is one particular brand that manages to be standing out than the rest of them, Awai. What makes it more popular is not only the texture of the noodle but also its clear broth soup and char siew that has more enriched traditional Chinese spices taste. Location and operational hours: Jalan Surabaya 21 A (07.00 am – 09.00 pm)

Kopi Tong Pematang Siantar, Pematang Siantar Tourism2.Kok Tong and Sedap Coffee Shops Siantar is also a paradise for coffee lovers since there are two prominent coffee shops with two different promising trademark taste. What makes both coffee taste better is the traditional method utilized in filtering the coffee which is shown directly to all customers. The first coffee shop is Kok Tong that has been established since 1925. Using fresh Simalungun Robusta coffee seeds from local plantation, this particular brand is known for its thick bitter taste with typical coffee fragrant. As side dish, you should try bakpao panjang Kok Tong which is an oval shaped steamed or fried bun with char siew and egg as its filling. As the contender, there is Sedap that is also using the local fresh coffee seeds but comes with thinner and sweeter taste than Kok Tong. As side dish, you should try its srikaya toast. Location and operational hours: Kok Tong Coffee: Jalan Cipto 115 (07.00 am – dinner time) Sedap Coffee: Jalan Sutomo 97 (07.00 am – dinner time)

3.Roti Ganda Bakery One of the most popular culinary gift from Siantar would be Roti Ganda. It is basically a big loaf of bread that could be filled with two main options of fillings. The first one is its trademark srikaya and the other one would be white butter with chocolate sprinkles. Location and operational hours: Jalan Sutomo 89 (08.30 am – 08.30 pm)

Pematang Siantar