Popular Culinary Gifts from Medan (Part 2)

Popular Culinary Gifts from Medan Part 1

Previous article has mentioned about 3 popular culinary gifts from Medan. But if they’re not for you, don’t worry because here’s another list of popular culinary gifts from Medan.

-Durian Ucok Durian Ucok, Popular CulinaryOne food that you must try while visiting Medan is obviously durian. During its season, you would find lots of hawkers selling them on the street. However, there is one place that is well-known for its quality when it comes to eating durian experience. It is Durian Ucok. Formerly located at Jalan Iskandar Muda, the humble shack of Bang Ucok (nickname for the owner) has now transformed into a row of modern shophouses located at Jalan Wahid Hasyim. It isn’t difficult to find the new place. Once you enter the street, you will be greeted by a small yellow and green durian statue on your right. Then, go along the street until you see the yellow and green buildings on your right which is the new place of Durian Ucok. What makes it particularly famous is the fact of how the customers can request for specific taste of durians that they want to eat such as sweet or bitter. It also gives a guarantee that if the durians turn out to be bad or have different taste to what you have ordered, you could switch it with the new ones without additional charge. Another good news about Durian Ucok is it never closes or opens for 24/7.

-Phin Phin Bakery If you would love to bring some gifts of Indonesian traditional market cakes and pastries but doesn’t really have time to explore the local markets, then you should drop by at this bakery. Located at Jalan Dewaruci 32-34, this bakery has been established since 1972 and has been going strong until now due to its well-maintained quality of taste. There, you would find diversed selection of cakes like wajik, kue bakul or soerabi and pastries like nastar. Operational hours: 08.00 am – 06.00 pm

-Tamiang Another place to stop by if you are hunting for local delicacies from Medan would be Tamiang. It is a family based confectionary that offers various traditional Chinese pastries. The recipe for all of its pastries has been passed down from one generation to another yet it still manages to maintain its original taste. Some variants of the pastries include beh te so, phong pia, lou poh piang, etc. One reminder is some of the pastries use pork oil so please check with the store before making a purchase. Operational hours: 08.00 am- 10.00 pm