Popular Culinary Gifts from Medan

Popular Culinary Gifts

As one of the iconic culinary destinations in Indonesia, it is no wonder that the popular gifts from Medan would be some of its trademark foods. This article would discuss about the three most popular culinary gifts from Medan.

Bolu Meranti (roll cake)

Don’t be deceived by its ordinary roll cake look, the taste and texture of Bolu Meranti is second to none in the whole country. In fact, once you’ve tasted it, you would be coming back for more. This amazing delicacy has even been popular to some of the neighboring countries like Malaysia and Singapore. Meranti roll cake is offered in lots of flavor variants but its signature dish would be the cheese roll cake. Aside of roll cakes, it also sells some other local cakes. For complete list of the variants, you could visit the website, www.bolumeranti.com. There, you would also find information about how to order the roll cakes online for those of you who are outside Medan.

Location: (1) Jalan Kruing 2K (main branch) (2) Jalan Sisingamangaraja 19B

Operational hours: 08.00 am – 06.00 pm

Bika Ambon (fermented cassava sponge cake) and Lapis Legit (layered cake)

Bika Ambon, Popular Culinary GiftsAnother signature gift from Medan is bika ambon and lapis legit. These two cakes are usually sold side by side along with bottled passion fruit syrup (Medan’s signature beverage). There are plenty of stores scattered all over Medan selling them. However, the most popular spot for hunting them would be at Jalan Mojopahit. Here, you would find shops selling them from one end to the other end of the street. All of them try to attract customers with diversed variants of prices and taste.

Operational hours: 08.00 am – 06.00 pm (some shops might open or close earlier)

Durian Pancake

One fruit that would represent Medan the best is durian. If you happen to visit during the durian season, you would find lots of hawkers selling it in various sizes and prices along the main streets in Medan. Recently though, this signature fruit has been transformed into another popular delicacy from Medan, durian pancake. It is made of fresh durian filling covered with a thin skin. Though still quite new compared to the other two delicacies, its popularity isn’t lost to that of Bolu Meranti, Bika Ambon and Lapis Legit. The best place to buy it would be Durian House located at Jalan Sekip 67F. Here, you would discover other popular delicacies made of durian like dodol durian (sticky durian paste), durian pastries, candies, ice cream, and even juice.

Operational hours: 09.00 am – 09.00 pm

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