Popular Culinary Gifts – Yogyakarta

In addition to being famous for both its cultural and natural tourism destinations, Yogyakarta is also famous for its traditional delicacies. Here are some of the most popular ones that are commonly purchased as gifts by visitors.

  • Bakpia pathok

Bakpia pathok is actually a modified version of Chinese bakpia with pork fillings. Since Javanese culture is heavily influenced by Moslem values, the filling is then switched to sweetened mung bean. The skin of bakpia is made of wheat flour which is then grilled. Currently, there have been lots of variations for bakpia’s fillings. The most commonly found ones are chocolate, cheese, and durian.

  • Yangko

If Japan has been known for its mochi, then Yogyakarta would be known for its yangko. It is made of sticky rice flour with minced sweetened peanuts filling and sprinkled flour on the top which is almost similar to mochi.  What makes it different is the outer appearance that is more colourful than the plain white mochi.

  • Dried gudeg

Gudeg, GiftsWhat is gudeg? You might be wondering. It is a kind of sweetened unripened jackfruit. Usually, this traditional delicacy is served fresh with coconut milk along with rice and marinated egg. Unfortunately, this fresh version wouldn’t last long. Thus, the locals invented the dried version that would taste pretty much the same with the fresh version. The only difference is how the dried version is cooked longer to reduce its moist level.

  • Geplak

Next on the list would be geplak which is made of a mixture of cooked grated coconut and sugar. It also comes with vibrant colourful apperance that makes it really enticing. Recently, there have been some new taste variants introduced to all of its fans. One caution would be how the taste could be too sweet for some. So, you might want to try it out a little bit before deciding to buy some more for your friends or families.

  • Monggo Chocolates

Last but not least is Monggo Chocolates. What makes this particular brand of chocolate successful to be one of the Yogyakarta’s representative culinary gifts lies on its secret to mix the international taste of Belgium chocolates with the local ingredients. The chocolates are made of the famous Sumatra and Sulawesi cocoa beans that are known for their fragrance and excellent sweet bitter taste. Monggo Chocolates could be found in classic flavors like milk and caramel as well as special flavors like chilli and ginger.