Prambanan Temple – Prambanan, Yogyakarta

Prambanan Temple is both the biggest Hindu temple in South East Asia and the grandest Hindu temple in Indonesia. Since 1991, it has been claimed by UNESCO as one the world’s heritage. It is located at the borderline of both Yogyakarta and Central Java province in the most populated island in the country, Java Island.

Candi PrambananPrambanan Temple itself is actually a complex of temple consisting of many smaller temples surrounding the area. This characteristic is what makes it differs from the other famous temple, Borobudur. The complex can be divided into one main courtyard and three main yards known as Jaba (outer yard), Tengahan (middle yard), and Njeron (inner yard).

There are six main temples located at the inner yard area. The six temples are positioned in two rows stretching out from north to south, with three temples on each row. The first row consists of Wisnu, Syiwa and Brahma Temples with Garuda, Nandi, and Angsa Temples on the other row located exactly on the opposite side of the the first row. The first temples are named after three main gods known in the Hindu religion meanwhile the later represent the animals that become each god’s mean of transportation. The biggest temple out of the six is Syiwa Temple with 47 m in height and occupies an area of 34 m2.

What to do:

  • Learning about the story and history of Hinduism in Indonesia

Until now, the historians still can’t determine as to who and when this temple was built. This happens due to the fact that when the temple was firstly discovered, most of it was only remnants. As a result, there are a lot of missing pieces that are yet to be discovered. Nevertheless, most of the remnants have been successfully restored in the last couple of decades. And now, if you stroll around the Prambanan Temple complex, you would discover a lot of relics as well as carvings that depict the story of the Hindu gods.

  • Photography

Not only we will be amazed by the amazing structure and carvings built out of hand centuries ago by our ancestors but also we will be amazed by the picturesque area where Prambanan Temple resides in. The scenery would especially be spectacular during sunset time. At this moment, you could see the grandeur of the sky’s color gradation that is sillhouted by the temples. It is truly one unforgettable experience.


Prambanan Temple is ± 17 km east of Yogyakarta or ± 53 km west of Solo.

GPS Coordinate: -7.751919,110.492006