Samosir Island (Part 1) – Samosir, Sumatra Utara

If you are planning a trip to North Sumatra, Toba Lake would definitely be on your list. If that’s the case, you would want to add another place located nearby, Samosir Island. Occupying nearly half of Toba Lake, the island with the size almost similar to Singapore, promises abundant cultural and natural wonders. It is one of the precious hidden gems of North Sumatra tourism spot.

Samosir IslandSamosir Island is the homeland for one of the most prominent race in Indonesia, Batak. There is one main road that surrounds the whole island but its condition at some points could be very bad. This is exacerbated by the island’s contour which could have a drastic altitude at some points of the island. Nevertheless, the natural beauty surrounding the island would easily make you forget about all these little obstacles.

There are two main areas in the island that are commonly visited by tourists. One area is known as Tomok Village which offers cultural attractions. Another one is Tuk Tuk Siadong Village with its natural attractions. The later one would be the tourist centre as it is more popular among tourists.

How to get there:

From Kuala Namu International Airport, you need to head to Rantau Parapat. The journey would take around 3-4 hours by private car and around 4-6 hours by public busses from Medan. Once you are in Rantau Parapat, you could continue your journey to Samosir Island with two options:

By ferries (if you are crossing with vehicles):

  • Head to Ajibata ferry terminal. The ferry would arrive at Tomok ferry terminal in Samosir Island. The journey would take around 1 hour.

By ferries: (if you are crossing without vehicles):

  • Head to Tiga Raja Harbour. The ferry would take you to Tuk Tuk Village area and would even drop you by at your hotels’ harbours. The journey would take around 30 minutes.

Note: You could check the complete schedule of the ferries at

By land route:

  • Head to Kabanjahe – Dairi – Pangururan. After passing Pangururan, there would be a bridge connecting to Tomok Village at Samosir Island.

Note: The land route would take a longer time and the road condition is quite bad. The advantage of choosing this route would be the breathtaking view along Toba Lake. Make sure you drop by at Tele Observation Tower to marvel at the amazing lake view.

Samosir Island Part 2