Samosir Island (Part 2) – Samosir, Sumatra Utara

Samosir Island Part 1

What to do:

  • Visiting tourist attractions

Some notable cultural attractions at Tomok Village include Hutabolon Tomok VillageSimanindo Museum, King Sidabutar Tomb and watching Sigale-gale performance (statues crafted in a way so that they could dance to traditional instrument ,gondang, rhythm). For natural attractions, you could visit Pasir Putih Beach (white sand surrounding Toba Lake) at Parbaba Village, Simangande Waterfall, as well as Sidihoni Lake (claimed as lake above lake due to its altitude which is higher than Toba Lake).

  • Travelling around the island by motorbike or bicycle

You could also choose to travel around the island by renting motorbikes or bicycles either at hotels or at the local warung (small shops). It is worth doing since you would encounter a number of picturesque points throughout the islands. When you do, you could stop for a while to simply ponder at the beauty lies in front of you or preserve it with your camera. Recently, it is even quite common to find professional photographers hunting for magnificent views of the lake. As a cherry on top, you could do some culinary travel too at the same time. Since cycling or riding around the island could be tiring, you could replenish your energy with local culinaries like Mie Gomak (noodle soup cooked with local spices) or Babi Panggang Karo (grilled crunchy pork). For the beverage, you could try the famous tuak (palm wine).

  • Water sports

Another popular activity would be the water sports like jet skis and banana boats. You could find it at almost every prominent hotel in Tuk Tuk Village area. Some of them would require reservation so you would need to check with your hotel for more precise information.

  • Souvenir shopping

And of course before heading back home, you would need to purchase a souvenir as a reminder of your exciting adventure at Samosir Island. For this, you could head to the local market at Tomok Village area (nearby to Tomok ferry terminal). Here, you would discover common souvenirs like keychains, T-shirts, toys, etc. You would also find various unique sculptures and ulos (traditional Batak weaved clothes).

Best time to visit:

Best to avoid the monsoon season (September-January) as the wave would be higher and the journey by ferry could be more dangerous.