Street Culinary Experience (Part 1)

Medan is well-known for its street foods that are second to none. Some famous spots include:

  • Jalan Semarang and Jalan Selat Panjang

For those of you who seek for endless street culinary experience with affordable prices, these two streets might be the perfect choice. Located in the heart of Medan, these Kwetiau, Street Culinarytwo streets are adjacent to each other. This allows culinary lovers to explore more local cuisines that will satisfy all of their senses. Both streets are famous for their local Chinese cuisines that mostly could only be found in Medan. Here, you could try char kwetiau (fried rice fettuccine), Tiongsim (noodle with pork and dumpling), chicken and duck hainam rice, Heci (water spinach and shrimp chip with sweet sauce), as well as various local desserts like putu bambu (steamed coconut cake) and ching chong fan (thin layered rice with sesame seeds and sauce). The only difference between the two would be the setting of the places. In Jalan Semarang, you would expect to eat outdoors whereas in Jalan Selat Panjang, you would be indoors.

  • Kota Cane

It is an area that located in Jalan Yose Rizal, still at the heart of Medan but quite far away from the first location. Though it might not be as crowded as the previous spot, Kota Cane offers some local cuisines that could hardly be refused by culinary lovers like bihun ikan (rice noodle with fish soup), pok pia (fried or steamed rolled crab with vegetables), and char siu pui (rice with pork). Still think that it isn’t worth visiting?

  • Cemara Asri

This is actually the name of an elite housing complex in Medan. However, in the main boulevard of the complex, a range of restaurants offering seafoods and steamboats (Chinese version of sukiyaki) is lining up waiting for customers to come. Here, you could satisfy yourself with various seafoods (from small fishes varieties to lobster, you name it!) as well as the nice outdoor ambience.

  • Jalan Pagaruyung (Medan’s Little India)

As the area is mostly populated by Indian, you could expect to see various Indian (modified to suit the locals’s taste) and Malay foods. Some of the well known dishes include martabak (fried egg and flour skin with curry) and emie (boiled noodle with thick shrimp flavored soup).

Operational hours: 06.00 pm – 11.00 pm or midnight (weekends)

Direction: All of the street culinary spots are famous among the locals, thus you could simply go there by cab or catch one of the becak (the local famous public transportation).

Street Culinary Experience Part 2