Street Culinary Experience (Part 2)

Street Culinary Experience Part 1

Previously, we’ve discussed some of the major culinary spots in Medan. However, there are still lots of other hidden gems in Medan when it comes to culinary experience. Here are some of the other spots that you might also consider to visit:

  • Jalan Kalimantan

This street is strategically located among some of the most prestigious private schools as well as business areas in Medan. As a result, you could find varieties of light meals that have been the favorites among students and adults for decades. It started from a handful of hawker foods and warung (small restaurant) that transformed into a popular destination for Sate Padangculinary seekers. Some of the highlighted dishes would include misop (meatball soup with chicken), sate Padang (rice cake with meat skewers topped with spicy thick soup), and Tok Tok Lap Choi (vegetables with pig intestines topped with thick sweet sauce). One word of caution is to ask for the price of the foods before you order as some of them tend to put unreasonable prices.

Operational hours: Brunch time (10.00 or 11.00 am) – afternoon (05.00 or 06.00 pm)

  • Gagak Hitam Ring Road (Jalan Gagak Hitam – Setia Budi)

This culinary spot is the new contender among the others. Rapidly growing since the ring road project was completed back in around 2013, it now offers a diversed selection of Indonesian foods. Most of them are set outdoors but you could also find some cafes and restaurants in this area. Some of the popular foods include ayam penyet (spicy fried/ grilled chicken with vegetables and rice), bakso (meatballs), iga sapi (beef ribs) and many more.

Operational hours:

Lunch time (restaurants and cafes) or 06.00 pm (street foods) – 10.00 or 11.00 pm

  • Asia Mega Mas (Jalan Asia)

Like Cemara Asri, Asia Mega Mas is actually the name of a ruko (shophouse) complex. It has been the rising star of culinary spot and has become the new Chinatown in the last few years. The foods offered here are dominated by Chinese foods (just like the ones in Jalan Semarang, Selat Panjang, and Cemara Asri). However, what makes Asia Mega Mas unique is the night market area. Here, you could find a range of goods offered by street hawkers ranging from apparels, toys, household utensils, etc. What makes it even more worth visiting is also the unique street foods created by Medanese youths that are sold in affordable prices.

Operational hours: 06.00 pm – 11.00 pm or midnight (weekends)

Street Culinary Experience Part 3