Street Culinary Experience (Part 3)

Street Culinary Experience Part 2 In the previous two articles about Street Culinary Experience, we have discussed some of the most established street culinary districts. In this article, we are going to see another three emerging street food areas.

-Jalan S. Parman Another hidden gem of street foods in Medan would be the one located in Jalan S. Parman. What was started by only a number of popular street eateries such as Ateng Kwetiau, Street Culinary ExperienceAteng Kwetiaw and Kwetiaw Kerang has now bloomed into one of the most prominent street food areas in Medan. The development is growing even more since the establishment of MBC complex in this particular street. In the last couple of years, you could find a more diversed street foods like Mie Hokkian, Bakmi Khek, Nasi Ayam Asen along with some cafes and even restaurants along the street. Operational hours: 06.00 am – 11.00 pm or midnight (weekends) *Note: some of the street food hawkers might open later or close earlier on some major holidays

-Jalan Pandu For most Indonesians, one of the popular representative Indonesian foods would be nasi goreng (fried rice). Here at Medan, you could find a street especially dedicated for selling this representative street food, Jalan Pandu. Once you enter the street, you would discover a long tent with various stalls selling nasi goreng on both sides of the street. The most notable one would be Nasi Goreng Julia Sari that serves its spicy fried rice with braised beef or chicken along with sate kerang (mussels satay in rendang sauce). Operational hours: 05.00 pm – around 03.30 am

-Kompleks Multatuli Indah This last culinary destination is recommended for those who are looking for a more upscale dining places. This complex consists of rows of shophouses that were firstly established to function as the new business district in Medan. However as time progresses, its function has slightly turned into the new modern food district in Medan. Multatuli complex offers a wide range selection of both cafes and restaurants that offer mostly Indonesian, Western, Chinese and Japanese cuisines. There are also some cafes that offer mainly unique beverages and pastries as their specialties. Some of the notable cafes and restaurants include Lekker Urban Food Restaurant and M Avenue Cafe. Operational hours: most dining places open from around 10.00 am – 11.00 pm