Ten Popular Local Foods at Medan (Part 1)

It has been widely known that Medan is one of the best destinations in Indonesia for its culinary experience. The real question would be which local foods that really worth our time and money for us to try. To address that question, this article would guide you through the ten popular local foods while you are visiting Medan.

1.Kwetiaw Ateng  (contains pork) Kwetiaw itself is a kind of rice fettuccine. But what makes Kwetiaw Ateng special compared to the others is its special thick red sauce which will be mixed together right before we eat it. This special sauce will make the kwetiaw becomes more savory yet sweet and contains a little hint of mild spicy flavor. In addition to that, it also comes with some medium shrimps and fragrant bak yu phok (fried pork fat) as condiments. Location and operational hours: Main branch: Jalan S. Parman 52A (08.00 am – 01.00 am) Another branch: Jalan Sumatera 66/68 (10.00 am – 11.00 pm)

2.Nasi Ayam Asen (contains pork except the one in S.Parman branch) ‘Nasi ayam’ means chicken rice in English. This popular chicken rice has been sold by its third generation at the moment. However, the authentic delicious taste of the chicken rice has always been the same. It comes with two chicken selection, roasted and braised chicken. As the condiment, there is grilled pork satay, spicy shrimp, pickled vegetables with nutty sauce accompanied by meatball soup. Location and operational hours: Main branch: Jalan Surabaya 48 (09.30 am – 09.00 pm) Another branch: Jalan Sumatera 68F (09.30 – 09.00 pm) Jalan S. Parman Blok A19 Komplek MBC (09.30 – 09.00 pm)

3.Bakso Magetan (no pork) Bakso Magetan, Popular Local FoodsThis place provides two types of bakso (meatball), chicken and beef meatball. The meatballs are eaten with a mixture of kwetiaw, rice noodle, and noodle, shredded chicken, as well as clear broth soup. To accompany them, there are also fried wanton and tofu. For condiments, you could also order sate kerang (mussels satay in rendang sauce) and fresh coconut drink. Some of the locals also prefer to add some sweet soy sauce or sambal (chilli sauce) to strengthen the soup flavor. Location and operational hours: Location: Jalan Metal in front of Komplek Cemara Hijau, Deli Serdang (09.00 am – 05.00 pm); closed on Monday

Ten Popular Locat Foods at Medan Part 2