Ten Popular Local Foods at Medan (Part 2)

Ten Popular Locat Foods at Medan Part 1
4. Dim Sum and Sang Wo Ayong Babura (contains pork) This family restaurant provides a variety of dim sum both steamed and fried. Some of Dim Sumtheir popular dim sum menu would include chicken wings (filled with egg yolk), leng hong kien, and har kao. Another popular dish here would be sam can bak and its plain fried kwetiaw. This eatery is also well-known for its sang wo (steamboat) that would be available starting in the afternoon. Location and operational hours: Main branch: Jalan Babura Lama 12, Medan Baru (07.00 am – 02.30 pm, 05.00 pm – 09.30 pm)

5. Mie Tiong Sim (contains pork) Another popular street food among the locals would be mie tiong sim. This particular dish is crazed by people due to its long, thin, savory noodle accompanied by shredded chicken and char siew (spiced pork). To strengthen the taste, it is usually eaten with pork broth soup and dumpling. For those of you who prefer spicy taste, there is also free pickled chilli provided as its condiment. Location and operational hours: Main branch: Jalan Tjong Yong Hian (previously known as Jalan Bogor), right in the intersection of Jalan Semarang; (02.00 pm – 11.30 pm)

6. Ayam Goreng Kalasan (no pork) Ayam goreng means fried chicken in English meanwhile Kalasan is the brand of the chicken. The family restaurant serves a diversed Javanese foods and is famous for its fried and roasted chicken. Its fried chicken is crunchy on the outside yet its meat manages to maintain its soft texture. It also provides kremes (shredded crispy coconut) as its condiment. Meanwhile, its roasted chicken is well braised not only on the skin but also on the meat creating an unforgettable taste for each mouthful experience. For those of you who prefer vegetarian menus, you could try for its karedok (raw vegetables with nutty sauce), gado-gado (boiled vegetables with nutty sauce) or nasi sayur (rice with vegetables cooked in curry sauce and some other spices). It also specializes in providing both traditional and modern pastry parcels for special occassions particularly for celebrating one-month-old baby birthday. Location and operational hours: Main branch: Jalan Iskandar Muda 292/294 (10.30 am – 09.30 pm) Ayam Goreng Kalasan also opens various integrated eateries in most major shopping malls in Medan like Sun Plaza and Medan Fair Plaza

Ten Popular Locat Foods at Medan Part 3