Ten Popular Local Foods at Medan (Part 3)

Ten Popular Locat Foods at Medan Part 2 7. Sate Padang Triadi (no pork) Sate Padang MedanIf you wonder what sate padang is, it is similar to grilled meat on stick with thick spicy soup. And if you happen to be at Medan and would like to try this culinary for the first time, you should drop by at this particular street food hawker. It provides a wide selection of meats like beef, mutton, scallop, and squid as well as one of the tastiest thick spicy soup in Medan. As condiment, you could try jangek (cow skin crackers). Location and operational hours: Main branch: Jalan Bandar Baru 9A (03.00 pm onwards) Another branch: Jalan Malaka

8. Bihun ikan and popiah Kuta Cane (contains pork) Bihun ikan is a kind of culinary that uses rice noodle, fried or steamed fish along with ginger flavored savory soup. Meanwhile, popiah is a Chinese spring roll with char siew, crab meat, and lettuce as its fillings. What special about this popiah is not only it comes with two selection, steamed and fried but also its special red sauce. Location and operational hours: Location: Jalan Yose Rizal (nearby to the intersection of Jalan Kuta Cane) Operational hours: (06.00 pm – 11.30 pm) bihun ikan; (03.00 pm onwards) popiah

9. Emie Sei Kera (no pork) Another food heritage from Medan worthy to try is emie (boiled noodle). What makes the one from Medan special is its thick soup that is enriched with ebi (dried shrimp) flavor. If you want to try it for the first time, you should head to the one in Sei Kera street since this particular traditional eatery has been known for generations. To make your culinary experience perfect, try eating it with a glass of cold Badak (Medan’s famous rootbeer). Location and operational hours: Location: Jalan Sei Kera (lunch time – 08.00 pm)

10. Fountain Cafe (no pork) After trying out various street foods, maybe it’s time to head to a place with a cozier ambience yet is still affordable. If you’re on the same page, then try heading to Fountain Cafe that is famous for its ice creams. Aside of ice creams, you could also try out its variety of Indonesian foods like nasi goreng spesial, Chinese foods like kwetiaw goreng as well as western foods. Location and operational hours: Location: You could find it in almost every shopping mall in Medan. (10.00 am –    10.00 pm)