Tjong A Fie’s Mansion/Museum – Medan, North Sumatra

It was built in 1900 and belonged to the wealthiest Chinese merchant, Tjong A Fie. He was a highly respected individual due to his wealth, generosity and nobility. History recorded that during his funeral procession, almost all of the people in Medan back then joined in one long march to send him away. He had earned respect from high ranking Dutches officials, Deli’s royal family, and even the larger community. He helped improving the city’s main infrastructure like banks, railroads, hospitals, and even various worshipping places. Thus, visiting this place is important to learn about the man who has touched many people’s heart.

Tjong A-Fie Museum

What to do:

  • Enjoying the mansion’s amazing architectural design. Once you enter the mansion that used to be the residence of Tjong A Fie, you can’t help but to be immersed in awe. Although it was established more than a century ago, you could still be the witness of the mansion’s elegant yet formidable architectural design. Its design is a mixture of Malay and Chinese influences. The Malay’s influence could be seen in the sculpture around the doors, windows, and the balcony’s fences. As for the Chinese influence, you could see it from the two story building design that is similar to buildings in China or Singapore in that era.
  • Finding out the history of Tjong A Fie. As you tour around the mansion, you could learn a lot about this particular figure. You would learn that he was a man who possessed great taste in beauty and art from the furniture and art pieces showcased. You would also learn that he was a man who placed high respect for his cultural identity from some of the Chinese writings, places dedicated for ancestors’ worship, and documents showcased.

Location, operational hours, admission fee:

Location: Jl. Ahmad Yani 105 (Medan Old Town area – opposite of famous Tip Top Cafe)

Operational hours: Everyday, 9.00 am-5 pm (Occasionaly closed for maintenance)

Admission fee: Rp 35,000,- (including guide)

Direction (by cars/motorbikes):

From Kuala Namu International Airport, take the airport railway that would take you to Medan Central Train Station (Stasiun Pusat Medan). From there, head to Jl. Balaikota through Jl. Pulau Pinang and Jl. Mesjid that will cover ± 1.2 km. Lastly, turn left to Jl. Balaikota and the mansion will be on the right. (courtesy by Google Maps).

Estimated time required (with no traffic):

  • Train travel (45 minutes) + cars/ motorbikes travel (5 minutes) = 50 min/ ± 1H