Berastagi (Part 3)

Tourism Spot Berastagi

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As last article talked about some places to visit on the main road heading to Berastagi (from Medan), this article will describe about the travelling activities in the center of Berastagi.

Pasar Berastagi, Tourism Spot Berastagi

Shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables

One of the highlighted activities in Berastagi is to do some fruit shopping. At the center of the city, you would see a complex of traditional market. At the outer area of the market, you would find some stores selling common souvenirs as well as some eateries. However, the special commodities of Berastagi, the fresh fruits and vegetables harvested from the surrounding local farms, would be sold inside the market. Once you are inside, you could see lots of vendors selling similar items. Thus, don’t rush yourself to directly purchase the items at the first vendor you find. Take your time to look and ask a couple of vendors around to compare the quality and prices of the commodities. Berastagi is famous for its passion fruits and oranges so make sure you do purchase some of them. Other agricultural products that are also commonly found here would be avocadoes, strawberries, sweet potatoes, yams, cabbages, and tomatoes.

Another option to do this is by directly harvesting the fruits and vegetables from the local farms which are scattered around in the city area. Once you are at the farm, you would be handed either a basket or a plastic bag for putting in your harvested items. Afterwards, you could stroll around the farm to choose the fruits or vegetables that are according to your likings. Then, they would be weighed on a scale in order to determine the price that you would have to pay. If you opt for this alternative, one thing to bear in mind is the limited types of fruits and vegetables that you could purchase from one particular farm. It is due to the fact that each farm would only focus on a certain type of commodity. Thus, choose wisely as to what kind of farm you would like to visit beforehand.

Horse riding and souvenir shopping at Gundaling Hill

Next to the traditional market, you would discover a road heading up to the hill. Once you pass through a small post to pay for the retribution fee, just follow along the main road to reach the top of the hill. Along the way, you could stop to enjoy or take pictures of the city’s magnificent view. Once you are at the top, you could choose to ride a horse with either a shorter or a longer route. Each horse would be accompanied by a guide. There are also a number of stores lining up at the sides of the area offering a more complete selection of souvenirs than those offered in the traditional market.

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