Berastagi (Part 4)

Tourist Attraction Berastagi Berastagi Part 3

To conclude the description about fascinating Berastagi, this final article would talk about things to do in the southern outskirt area of Berastagi that leads to Rantau Parapat.

Cultural Exploration

Berastagi is the homeland of Batak Karo people (local ethnic in Indonesia). Thus, if you are interested in finding out about their culture and lifestyles, spare some time to visit Lingga Traditional Village. The village is located at 15 km south of Berastagi. Once arrive, you would be served with a view of some traditional houses built on top of a stilt like structure with high pointed roofs. Some of them are more than 200 years old. You would also learn about the history of ancient Karo Kingdom by visiting the museum that housed some of its relics. In addition, you are also allowed to observe the villagers’ traditional lifestyles that have been preserved for hundreds of years.

Sipiso Piso Waterfall, Tourist Attraction Berastagi


If you still want to explore more of Berastagi’s natural beauty, you could head to Tongging and Sipiso-Piso Waterfall. Situated at 35 km south of Berastagi, you would find that these two places are adjacent one to another. In fact, Tongging is the natural entrance gate that encircled the waterfall. At Tongging, you would find several gazebos and eateries that face towards the majestic views of Sibayak and Sinabung Mountain. If you want more, you could head towards the waterfall by climbing up and down the stairs provided for visitors. Some parts of the stairs could be really steep and slippery so make sure you wear appropriate shoes for trekking. Once you’ve completed the path, the amazing view of water falling down from the height of 120m will definitely drown out all of your fatigue. The water is originated from an underground river that flows to Toba Lake. At the vicinity area of the waterfall, there are lots of huge chunks of rocks where people sit around to enjoy both the view and the refreshing breeze of the waterfall. It is also safe to swim in the small river around the waterfall.

Hiking Sibayak or Sinabung Mountains

For nature explorers that are up for more challenges, hiking these two active volcanoes would be the right choice. If you are still a beginner climber, head to Sibayak as the hiking path is pretty easy. Sinabung is more suitable for experienced climber as some routes leading towards the top of the mountain is very challenging. Regardless of which mountain you choose to climb, it is best to climb with a guide as both of them have confusing routes that are similar to one another.